Láminas de trufa negra

Una nueva forma de disfrutar de la trufa negra durante todo el año.

La Finesse launches the first line of natural laminated truffles for year-round consumption.

Soon we will be on sale on our website and in some stores in Spain, so you can taste from home the best black truffle of Teruel.

Producción sostenible

Aprovechamos el 100% de la producción de trufa negra

The producers, accompanied by truffle dogs, help us to find the black truffles in the field thanks to their instinct and sense of smell.

We allocate 60% of our production to the development of natural products, including black truffle slices.


¿Dónde crecen nuestras trufas?

The sliced truffle is a product originating in Teruel. All our slices come from the truffle fields of this natural paradise located in Aragon. With a millenary tradition, the producers harvest, collect and take care of this mushroom and the nature that makes it grow.

producto laminas de trufa negra
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conservar trufa negra

el origen de nuestras trufas

Trufa negra de Teruel (DO)

All our truffles are harvested in the lands of the province of Teruel (Aragon). Its climate and clay soils are ideal for the growth of the best truffles.

conservar la trufa negra

Un producto fresco durante todo el año

Our sachets contain 12 grams of black truffle without preservatives or additives. This natural product can be kept fresh without losing its properties and quality for months.

trufa laminada

envasado sostenible

Packaging 100% reciclable

La Finesse’s Quality and R&D team has carried out research work to develop a 100% biodegradable packaging that preserves all the qualities of the black truffle and is 100% biodegradable.


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